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Open Doors Festival (Newcomer Edition) – 16.9.2021 – Neu Isenburg

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Starting on the 27th August 2021, till the 19th September 2021 was the Iseborjer Kultursommer in the City of Neu Isenburg. There as subprogram, from the 16th September till the 19th September, was the Open Doors Festival. Of these 4 days I decided to go to the Newcomer Edition with Enemy Inside which had their first concert after the Release Show of their Album Seven.

As opener was the young band Coma 12 from the regions around Frankfurt/Main. Established as cover band in Hesse, with music coming from rock, pop and punk, they where able to play at different festivals, markets and celebrations in the Rhein-Main region. Because of missing possibilities to play due to the Corona pandemic, the startet at the beginning of 2020, to write their own music and recently recorded their first album. CoMa12 make progressive rock with catchy melodies. The performance was solid and helped to wake up everybody and give desire to see the rest.

As second on the stage came Farewell Spit, an alternative rock / pop punk band from Koblenz, which was formed in 2018. They say the following about themselves: Farewell Spit combines the musical influences of all members with the aim of answering the question “how music can process all this – what we experience & enjoy but also love & find frightening”. I can add to this, that it was real fun to see them on stage, with solid, cheerful music and a rubber ball as singer, who jumped and moved around the stage and thus really brought the joy of music to life. I would advise everyone to go to a concert, which I will certainly do when the occasion arises.

Spy#Row was the third band on stage. They make heavy rock, with lot’s of rock’n’roll elements in it. They are not unknown, as they where already the opener for UFA, NAZARETH and W.A.S.P. What is also very special with them, is the fact, that they know each other almost from birth and that they play music together for around 15 years, with the youngest member in his early 20is. You can really feel the synergy on stage. The music is also fun and rocks, and going to one of their concerts is really worth it.

Headliner was, as already stated, Enemy Inside. A Symphonic Metal Band from Aschaffenburg, which I already covered on their Release Show. The show was, as always, with lots of effects, fun and cool situations and very professional, but at the same time with a lot of emotion and passion. Always worth it!

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