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Metal Up Your Christmas 4 – 11.12.2021 – Oetinger Villa Darmstadt

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For me, as far as concerts are concerned, the year 2021 concluded with the Metal Up Your Christmas at the Oetinger Villa in Darmstadt on December the 11th. A small festival that I have reported about before, like Metal Up Your Life 10. This time it was the Christmas Edition, which traditionally, as the name might suggest, takes place just before Christmas. It has a smaller lineup than the usual editions. This year the bands Precipitation, Pentastone, ALL WILL KNOW and Dieversity played on stage. Precipitation stepped in at short notice as a substitute, after the guitarist from the originally scheduled Third Wave injured his hand and couldn’t play. It wasn’t the first time they’ve stepped in or played at the MUYL. That’s why they had a lot of experience with the Oetinger Villa stage, which was also reflected in a very cool gig and performance.

Second came Pentastone who always wanted to play at the Metal Up Your Life. After the Phungo meets Metal Up Your Life 2021 already worked out in the summer and more or less counted as half, tonight was time for them to finally hit the usual Metal Up Your Life stage. You could tell that they were having fun and enjoying themselves, which resulted in a terrific performance.

As usual, the band behind the Metal Up Your Life played next to last, the band ALL WILL KNOW. I don’t have to waste a lot of words about the performance, it had its usual high quality. The encore was fun though, much to the annoyance of singer Steve, because they played Last Christmas, where Steve kept saying “I hate you”.

Headliner was the modern melodic death metal band Dieversity from Würzburg, for whom it was the first gig with the new singer Robin. A fact that neither the band, nor Robin, nor the performance showed.



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