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Kalaska – 26.11.2021 – Darmstadt Goldene Krone

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On the 26th of November the Band Kalaska went to the Goldene Krone in Darmstadt for one of the last concerts of the year. Together with them played the bands Red Veil from Offenbach and the locals Pentastone. As first band played Red Veil, with solid and very good Modern Prog Metal. Normally they are five musicians, but one of their guitarists became ill, so that Marius, the guitarists who was present, recorded the parts before hand, so that where not missed. Which he did perfectly.

Second on the stage was Pentastone, which already played at the Goldene Krone one month before, together with Oversense. The concert was an energy explosion, with already a Wall of Death during the first song. It was a complete destruction of the hall, with a Moshpit, a lot of sweat and fun.

Kalaska finished the evening. A band which exists only since 2020, but their roots are older, but interconnected with other music. Now we are one album, one own label and a self build studio later. Their music is something between alternative metal and grunge, paired with a lot of energy and catchy melodies. A real cool performance, with sympathic musicians, which pays off to be seen.

Setlist Pentastone:

  1. Stuck in the Sky
  2. All We Ever Do
  3. Get Better
  4. Bleed You Out
  5. Keep Falling
  6. Haunt Me
  7. How It Feels
  8. Hurricane
  9. Lost In Reality
  10. It Comes With The Night

Setlist Kalaska:

  1. Animals
  2. Closer
  3. Slaves
  4. New Beginning
  5. You Can Get
  6. Wrong
  7. Selflove
  8. When The Lights…
  9. Failing Forever
  10. And The Lights…
  11. Little Girl

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