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Serenity – 08.04.2022 – Café Central Weinheim

Friday, April 8th, 2022: We went to the Café Central in Weinheim. The program included an evening dedicated to symphonic and power metal, as Serenity from Austria were guests as part of the “Symphonic Power Alliance 2022”. Also on stage there were Sascha Paeth’s Masters of Ceremony, Victorius and Dragony.

Exactly at 18:30 the Austrians from Vienna, Dragony, started to play, actually half an hour earlier than planned, but luckily I was there right then. I’ve been waiting for over a year to finally hear the songs of Viribus Unitis live. Unfortunately it was only a short set consisting of 6 songs, but it was fun and full of energy. Three new songs were presented, Gods of War, AEIOU and Legends Never Die. Of course, the two classics If It Bleeds We Can Kill It, which Siegfrid announced with a very cool Schwarzenegger imitation, and Wolves of the North could not be missing. The latter from the time, quoting Siegfrid, when “Game of Thrones was still cool”. Lords of the Hunt completed the set.

The power metal band from Sachsen-Anhalt performed in yellow and black armour. These are part of the concept of their forthcoming new album, Dinosaur Warfare Pt.2. And of course they also had the first single Dinos and Dragons with them as a foretaste. But also songs from the previous work like Super Sonic Samurai or Shuriken Showdown found their way into the set list. The area in front of the stage was already full, and the audience clearly enjoyed the performance of the five gentlemen. The set was over after a good half an hour, but you could have listened and watched Victorius for hours without any problems.

Sascha Paeth´s Masters of Ceremony:
The power metalers from Sascha Paeth’s Masters of Ceremony came on stage as third band. The inclined fan quickly noticed that something was different than planned. Corvin Bahn was nowhere to be seen with his keyboard, Sascha later announced that he unfortunately had to go to the hospital and would be out for the rest of the tour. But Adrienne Cowan was also absent, which explained why Chiara Tricarico, singer of Moonlight Haze, walked through the Café Central before the performance. The whole thing led to the band spontaneously making a set list that they hadn’t written down and that the songs had to be spontaneously designed differently. But that didn’t detract from the whole thing, you could tell that the musicians had fun on stage and they delivered a really cool and good performance. And I (Thomas) had the pleasure of seeing Chiara live earlier than I thought.

The symphonic metalers from Tyrol impressively demonstrated their live qualities. A bombastic sound paired with passion and joy of playing – there was a great atmosphere in the hall from the start. Singer Georg knew how to heat up the crowd and get them carried away, his three colleagues actively supported him with their understanding of a good live show. As a surprise, Georg brought the members of his new project Fallen Sanctuary to the stage, instead of Serenity. Together they performed two songs of their upcoming debut album. A really very successful performance. After that, Serenity returned once more to top off the evening. The encores played were also excellent – this band is simply a force on stage.

Fallen Sanctuary:

Setlist Dragony:

  1. Gods of War
  2. Lords of the Hunt
  3. AEIOU
  4. If It Bleeds We Can Kill It
  5. Legends Never Die
  6. Wolves of the North

Setlist Victorius:

  1. Dinos & Dragons
  2. Wrath of the Dragongod
  3. Shuriken Showdown
  4. Dinosaur Warfare
  5. Night of the Nuclear Ninja
  6. Super Sonic Smaurai
  7. Cosmic Space Commando Base

Setlist Serenity:

  1. The Last Knight (Intro)
  2. My Kingdom comes
  3. Reduced to nothingness
  4. Velatum
  5. Inquity
  6. Set the world on fire
  7. Hero
  8. Souls and Sins
  9. Broken Dreams (Fallen Sanctuary)
  10. Terranova (Fallen Sanctuary)
  11. Legacy of Tudors
  12. Call to Arms
  13. Spriti in the Flesh
  14. Follow Me
  15. Deus Lo Vult Intro
  16. United
  17. Lionheart

Co-Author of this report is Niklas Wiora of the Webzine Dark Art, which I also work for.

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