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Dynazty – 13.04.2022 – Weinheim Café Central

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For the third time in five days, I went to Café Central in Weinheim. After Serenity and Infected Rain, where Niklas from Dark Art accompanied me, this time I went alone to the Dynazty concert.

Dynazty is a band from Sweden with front man Nils Molin, who you might know from his second band Amaranthe. So I was excited to see how it would be to see him on stage with Dynazty. But first there were three support bands who were allowed to build up the tension.

It all started with the American heavy metal band Holy Mother, which was founded in 1994. But then they took a longer break because singer Mike was suffering from stomach cancer. They came back in early 2021 with a new album and their first tour in a long time. I arrived just as the band was about to start. It was a cool show, very reminiscent of 80s/90s heavy metal icons like Judas Priest or Dio. There was also a homage to the latter with the cover of Holy Diver. In any case, the band heralded a worthy start to the evening.

The second band of the evening was Surma, from the Czech Republic, but with an Icelandic guitarist in the form of Heri Joensen, who is Tyr‘s singer. However, the band is named after singer and model Viktorie Surmová. The band only exists since 2018, with the first album being released in November 2020. The tour with Dynazty is therefore also the promotional tour for the album, due to the known circumstances. The band delivered a very good application for their album. You could tell they really enjoyed playing. It has to be mentioned that the performance almost didn’t take place, because Viktorie came back from the hospital shortly before the performance, where she had to be treated for burns on her legs, but the injuries were not noticeable in her performance, except for the bandages.

The third artists of the evening, like Surma, are also a symphonic metal band. We’re talking about none other than the Norwegian Sirenia around the French singer Emmanuelle Zoldan. I was also curious about how the performance would turn out, as I had only heard positive things so far. And my expectations were met. A very good, solid performance, with a terrific Emmanuelle took place. Here, too, you could tell, that the musicians were having fun, and really enjoyed to finally be able to be back on stage. The audience also returned it with much applause and cheers. At the end, Emmanuelle was able to sing a classic from her home country, Voyage Voyage by Desireless in a cool metal version.

Then it was finally time: Dynazty entered the stage. Since the stage is a bit smaller at the Café Central, it suddenly got really crowded, with 2 guitarists, a bassist and frontman Nils. The musicians couldn’t move much, but it was still an energetic show with a lot of audience interaction, movement in the same, fun, joy and sweat. The catchy melodies, paired with Nils great singing, caused a lot of hair to fly, as long as the space in the room allowed it. Because it was really crowded and narrow. After 75 minutes of stage show it was over at 11pm, 4 1/2 hours after the first tones of Holy Mother came out of the amplifiers. And with that, an all-round successful evening came to an end.

Setlist Holy Mother:

  1. Face this burn
  2. Criminal
  3. Today
  4. Holy Diver
  5. Live to Die
  6. No Death Reborn
  7. The River
  8. Wake up America
  9. Toxic Rain

Setlist Surma:

  1. Rendition
  2. Reveal the Light within
  3. Cages of Rage
  4. Like the River flows
  5. The Selkie
  6. Emptiness
  7. Fire and Wind
  8. Downfall
  9. Until it rains again
  10. Lost to Time
  11. Deconstruction

Setlist Sirenia

  1. Intro + Addiction No. 1
  2. Dim Days of Dolor
  3. Towards an early grave
  4. Lost in Life
  5. Treasure n’ treason
  6. The last call
  7. Into the Night
  8. In Styx embrace
  9. This curse of mine
  10. My Mind’s Eye
  11. The Other Side
  12. The Path to Decay
  13. Voyage Voyage
  14. outro

Setlist Dynazty

  1. In The Arms Of A Devil
  2. Firesign
  3. The Grey
  4. The Black
  5. Paradise Of The Architect
  6. Threading The Needle
  7. Advent
  8. Drum solo
  9. Power of Will
  10. Yours
  11. Instrumental (Highway Star)
  12. Waterfall
  13. Presence Of Mind
  14. Heartless Madness
  15. Raise Your Hands
  16. The Human Paradox

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