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Metal Up Your Life 10 – 24.10.2020 – Oetinger Villa Darmstadt

On the 24th of October 2020 the Metal Up Your Life 10 could take place with some corona regulations. Due to these regulations combined with the fact that the Oetinger Villa is not really big, some unusual arrangements where taken and each band played their set three times, each time in front of a new audience. This was a cool experience with the four bands which played there.

At first played the duo He.artwork which are Sami (Singer) and Jascha (Guitar). They make acoustic music with a lot of heart and an incredible voice. Very entertaining and it is always worth to listen to them.

Next in line was the band Third Wave from Frankfurt, which plays Modern Metal, with some Metalcore influences. This time without their lead singer, because he was ill, but they still rocked.

Third band of the evening was ALL WILL KNOW, the band of the organizer Jan Jansohn. Playing fine melodic death metal with two singers and one shouter, they had their usual very strong outing to blow everybody away.


Words of Farewell was the headliner of the night. Coming from the German Ruhr District, they brought progressive melodic death metal to the evening. It was not their first appearance at the Metal Up Your Life, and just like last time, they delivered.


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