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Oversense – 16.10.2021 – Goldene Krone Darmstadt

On October 16 the band Oversense was a guest at the Goldene Krone in Darmstadt. After I saw them at the end of September at the Phungo meets Metal up your Life 2021, this is now their second live show within 2 months, where I was able to see the band live and take photos of them. The concert was a 2G event, so finally the audience was able to moshing, make circle pits etc. without any distancing. And they did during the show of all three bands. Due to the concept of the Krone, at the same time a techno / pop party was occuring one floor below. From there, attracted by the music, people kept coming up to see the bands. And some stayed for the respective gig and then went down again.

With Her Fall is an alternative metal from Groß-Umstadt in the region. The band jumped in at short notice, after which the actual opener had to cancel. A solid performance which was fun for both the fans and the band itself. You could tell from reactions of the audience that they longed for a normal concert. Everyone was having fun and wanted to see more With Her Fall after the set, but unfortunately there was not enough time.

As second band on stage was one of the Krone home bands, the alternative metal band from Darmstadt, Pentastone. I was also able to see them at the Phungo Festival, right before Oversense and it was a pleasure to see them in a normal concert setting. Together with the audience, the band literally teared down the Krone. A real pleasure.

As the concert didn’t start until 10 p.m., it was already after midnight until the headliner Oversense finally came on stage. Somehow many slept through the beginning of the concert, but then quickly streamed back into the large hall of the Krone. And it was worth it for all viewers who stayed so long. The band put on another incomparable show, including an encore to the encore, which was not actually planned, but was pulled through because of the fans. For this, Danny left his guitar and rocked the stage with just his microphone.

To finish off, here a little outlook, you can see Pentastone on the 19th of November in Augsburg as a support band for Kalaska, tickets are available here. And on the 26th of November they play again at the Krone, where Kalaska then appears as support, together with the band Red Veil from Offenbach. I will be there again and provide you with pictures and a short report afterwards.

Oversense will also play three more shows this year, all three as the opening act for nobody other than Doro Pesch. On the 17th of November  in Frankfurt in the Batschkapp, on the 27th of November  in Neuruppin at the Kulturhaus and as the end of the tour on November the 28th in Hamburg in the location called Gruenspan.

Setlist Pentastone:

  1. Stuck In The Sky
  2. All We Ever Do
  3. Get Better
  4. Bleed You Out
  5. Keep Falling
  6. Haunt Me
  7. How It Feels
  8. Hurricane
  9. Lost In Reality
  10. It Comes With The Night

Setlist Oversense:

  1. Toast To The Devil
  2. Mackie
  3. Love
  4. Antisocial
  5. Thunder
  6. The Longing
  7. Tear Me Down
  8. White Wolf
  9. Be
  10. Last Goodbye

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