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Metal up your Life 2 – 01.10.2016 – Oetinger Villa Darmstadt

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The concert or rather festival that startet it all, the Metal up your Life 2. Invited by Burden of Life, it was the first ever concert I went to, where I could take photos. The bands on the second edition of the Metal up your Life where Precipitation, Burden Of Life, Darkest Horizon, ALL WILL KNOW​, Soulbound and SuidAkrA. Precipitation came in as replacement for Difused. The special thing about the Metal up your life is, that it also has an acoustic stage, where some of the metal bands play there normal songs in an acoustic version. Which produces always some very interesting versions and some time result in the bands also making an acoustic album later on, like ALL WILL KNOW. At the second edition, the bands playing in acoustic where ALL WILL KNOWSoulbound  and Burden of Life, who also played a plugged set that evening. The evening started at 7.30 PM with the plugged set by Precipitation and from there on always alternating between the main stage and the acoustic stage, with the last band, SuidAkrA, starting almost at midnight and playing way past 1.00am in the night. It was a really cool evening, with lots of good music and the first of many to come.

Some photos from the acoustic stage:

Some photos from the main stage:

Some photos of the audience or the feeling in general:

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