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Save the Internet Demonstration – 23.03.2019 – Frankfurt/Main

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The 23rd of March 2019 marked the day where in Europe, mainly in Germany, about 200.000 residents went to the streets to protest against the EU copyright bill, especially against articles 13 and 15. I went to the demonstration in Frankfurt/Main, where between 8.000 and 10.000 people attended the Save the Internet demonstration. I was there because I believe in the movement and I am against both articles, but I also took the chance to take photos to document the demonstration. At the demonstration I decided to mainly take photos of the posters which could be seen.

It was a peaceful and ordered demonstration, with no rioting or problems with the people going on the demonstration. The Save the Internet Demonstration in Frankfurt and the other 50 cities in Germany where sadly only half a success, as in the end the EU copyright bill passed without changes in the two articles. A small summary of the demonstration was made by the German page NETZPOLITIK.ORG, which can be read here. On the page you can also read more about the movement and other topics concerning digital freedom. 

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