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Rotten Raptor Get Wasted III Festival – 15.06-18.06.2022 – Steinbruch Theater Nieder Ramstadt

From the 15th of june 2022 till the 18th of june the Steinbruch Theater, normally a club, was turned into a post-apocalyptic world in style of Mad Max. It was all organized by a group which calls itself Rotten Raptor. A group with a Network of about twenty people who show their skills. During that show they also make some shootings to have new photos, where I had the possibility to participate as photographer. It was a lot of fun and here are my photos for you to see.

I also made a turn of the area and took photos of the people, cars and everything else the did build up, which looked fantastic. Also some of the guests came dressed up to be in style and in the mood of the festival.

To round up everything, they also made a small show, with a singer who performed some Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash songs in a very cool way. He definitely knew what he was doing and had a fantastic voice. This was then finished with a fire show to light up everything.

Like last time, it showed how much fantasy they have and their love to the small details. Fun and impressive to see. So if they build up their camp near you, I do recommend you to go and take a look at the Rotten Raptor Camp.

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