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Romie, Parallel, Sam’s Living Room – Phungo 2021 – 14.08.2021

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Phungo Chandelier

After attending the Phungo meets Metal Up Your Life 2021 on the 13th of August, I also went again to the Phungo Festival the next day. For me personally, that evening was interesting because of the band Romie. Romie are two songwriter from Frankfurt, who write very harmonious and beautiful songs which can create goosebumps. I was already able to see them live at the Phungo 2020 and really loved them. Back then I could only take photos from my deck chair, so I definitely wanted to take photos while being able to move around. Going to one of their concerts is always a bliss, as they they exude a lot of charm and hijack you into the Romie world of folk, speckled with Irish influences.

Second band of the evening was Parallel, formed by two musicians from Stuttgart. The special thing with Parallel is, that on one hand Francescos Carusos performs magic with his voice, while on the other hand Koray Cinar makes the rest, with the help of his Looper. A brilliant combination, which makes a lot of fun to hear and watch. Add a lot of humour to that and you get a perfect evening.

The cover band Sam’s Living Room finished the night. They are from Bensheim, a city close by. They present you with different hits from well known artists, but always interpreted in an own way. Even going so far, that you almost do not recognize the song itself. A very entertaining end of the evening.

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