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Krayenzeit – 29.05.2022 – Spectaculum Worms

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The Spectaculum Worms is a large medieval market, which takes place in the picturesque Wormser Grove. This year, from May 27th to May 29th, there were about 30,000 visitors, who were taken into the world of the Middle Ages by 80 market stalls, 50 camp groups and about 1000 activists. For me it was the first time I was there, but definitely not the last. The different stalls and groups were very interesting and there were also some visitors who were walking around in robes. Of course, as a photographer, I couldn’t help but take a few pictures of them, which you can admire here.

The real reason that brought me to the Spectaculum was the performance of the band Krayenzeit. Ignorging a few cancellations due to Corona, this was supposed to be the last concert in the band’s history, which I couldn’t miss. On the previous two evenings Mr. Hurley & die Pulveraffen and Subway to Sally already played on the same stage. If you are interested in these performances, I have to disappoint you, unfortunately you have to read about them somewhere else. This is all about Krayenzeit. Staub und Tränen – Teil 1: Aus der Asche and Staub und Tränen – Teil II … Zurück ins Licht were the albums for the tour, which made a stop at the Worms Spectaculum. It was a celebration, with fun and also melancholy, as everyone was aware that the band would no longer be able to be seen. The concert started punctually at 4 p.m., at which both the new songs and a look back at the band’s past were presented. The band members joked a lot with each other and remembered certain times in the past, because, except for Markus, nobody of the current lineup before the the tour was still with the band. For the final show, former musicians and friends had found each other to celebrate the farewell together on stage. A very nice “very good friends” feeling came across, which will be sorely missed now. Towards the end there was also an acoustic part where drummer Bernd switched to a cajon. Sometimes he carried it around while playing.

All in all, it was a worthy farewell, which unfortunately ended after an hour and 45 minutes and felt way too short. One can only hope that the individual members will not lose their enthusiasm for music and will be able to show it again on another occasion. What could hopefully be the case with Markus and Meike in the near future, Markus made appropriate hints. And now have fun looking at the pictures and studying one of the last setlists by the great band Krayenzeit.


  1. Intro – Theatrum Mundi
  2. Fortuna
  3. Krähenkönig
  4. Tenebra
  5. Medusa
  6. Regen und Sturm
  7. Wir sind die Sünde
  8. Staub und Tränen
  9. Incantatem
  10. Wunder
  11. Ikarus
  12. Kriegerin
  13. Neue Helden
  14. Wir sind Geschichte
  15. Je länger, umso lauter
  16. Küssen den Frosch
  17. Saitentänzer
  18. Intro – Auf dunklen Schwingen
  19. Krayenzeit
  20. Spieglein, Spieglein
  21. Fegefeuer
  22. Ich will, dass ihr tanzt

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