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Infected Rain – 09.04.2022 – Café Central Weinheim

Saturday, April 9th, 2022: The second evening at Weinheim’s Café Central also had a lot to offer. Infected Rain from Moldova and Dagoba from France started their “Ecdysis by Night Tour” through Europe and quickly brought in Once Awake from Norway as reinforcements.

Once Awake:
They came from Bergen in Norway and opened the program with a very interesting mixture of Groove Metal and Metalcore. The fate of the first band, which hardly anyone knows, is usually not easy, but the five gentlemen mastered the challenge really confidently. Everyone gave full throttle and obviously had a lot of fun performing in front of an already well-filled hall. A more than worthy start of a very likeable band.

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Second was Dagoba from Marseille, France. The group of four had their brand new album “By Night” with them and from the first second they really wanted to perform. Singer Shawter knew how to heat up the crowd, which had just as much fun as the band on stage. The mixture of groove and industrial metal was well received and celebrated in the form of moshpit and wall of death. It didn’t matter whether it was a new song or an old classic, it turned into an outstanding party.

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Infected Rain:
Then it was time for the main act: the Metalcore Shooting Stars from Moldova around frontwoman Lena Scissorhands entered the stage. Like their French colleagues before them, Infected Rain had a new album in their luggage. “Ecdysis” was released at the beginning of January and now, after a postponement, is finally on a release tour. Although the sound sometimes seemed a bit overdriven, the band put on a quite respectable performance. Here, too, a circle pit and wall of death formed, this time supported by a stage diver.

All in all it was a really successful evening, all three bands demonstrated their live qualities and the audience was just as “On Fire”. For me personally, Once Awake were the new discovery of the evening. Confident on stage, musically high-quality and personally super likeable.

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