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Dust in Mind – 18.03.2022 – Kulturclub Schon Schön Mainz

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Finally, on the 18th of march, my first concert in over 4 months took place, at which I was also able to take photos (in between a terrific Genesis concert in Hanover). We’re talking about the Dust in Mind concert in Mainz, in the small but fine Kulturclub Schon Schön. Actually, the band Pentastone was planned for this evening, of which I was able to take photos four times last year, but unfortunately they had to cancel due to a corona case. The concert was also about to be canceled, but the band Third Wave from Frankfurt saved the concert and stepped in at short notice. Third Wave are no strangers either, they have already been to a Metal Up Your Life festival thrice.

It started fairly punctually at half past seven. With a cool show, although for us photographers (four to be exact) with a light show, which made our work quite difficult. Nevertheless, it was a performance in the band’s usual quality, which warmed up the audience well and got them ready for Dust in Mind within the three quarters of an hour that Third Wave was playing.

At ten to nine, Dust in Mind came on stage. They went straight to the point and knew how to convince from the first minute. Brilliant light show, musicians who just wanted to play and fans who were thriving for live music. A cocktail that was mixed into a brilliant evening and made you want more concerts, both from Dust in Mind and from other bands. There was even a short acoustic interlude, just with Jennifer and Damien. Unfortunately, the concert was over at ten o’clock, almost an hour later. But the band members were still at the merch stand afterwards, where they faced the fans for chats or photos together with them. A very nice evening.

Set list Dust in Mind:

  1. Lost Control
  2. Take me Away
  3. Another Dimension
  4. Get Out
  5. Break
  6. Day 0
  7. Drum Solo
  8. From Ashes to Flames
  9. No Way Out
  10. Empty
  11. Freefall
  12. Amy + Heartbeat
  13. Speak for the Voiceless
  14. Open Your Eyes
  15. Synapses
  16. This is the End

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