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Darmstadt Diamonds vs. Fursty Razorbacks – 30.9.2018

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On the 30th of September 2018 the Darmstadt Diamonds played against the Fursty Razorbacks to determine who will be promoted to the GFL 2. It was a good game, whith a score of 21:13 at half time. The second half time was with a bit less success of the offense sides, with a final score of 36:19. This meant, that the Darmstadt Diamonds where promoted to the GFL 2 for the season 2019, where they played against the Wiesbaden Phantoms, the Biberach Beavers, the Ravensburg Razorbacks, the Gießen Golden Dragons, the Straubing Spiders and the Saarland Hurricanes. As the Team of the Nürnberg Rams decided to withdraw before the season, only one team would be going back down one league. At the end it where not the Darmstadt Diamonds, which where able to stay in the GFL 2. In the mean time, also due to the pandemic, they decided to withdraw from the GFL 2 and to play again one level lower.

But here are some photos of the game and the players in the after game huddle to talk about the season, the win, the promotion and what is to come.

And just like almost every normal American Football game, there where of course also the Cheerleaders. Here some photos of them performing.

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