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Ad Infinitum – 13.06.2022 – Nachtleben Frankfurt

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Ad Infinitum up close at the Nachtleben

On Monday, June 13th, 2022, Ad Infinitum played at the Nachtleben in Frankfurt. They were supported by the band Winterstorm.

Shortly before the show, the small hall of the Nachtleben was filled with numerous spectators who could hardly wait to see one of Ad Infinitum‘s first headlining shows. The fact that the concert took place on a Monday was not a problem for real fans. Unfortunately, the first tour for the album Chapter 1 had to be canceled due to corona. The numerous spectators were all the more looking forward to the concert that is now taking place.


The five sympathetic musicians from Winterstorm from Franconia appeared as support act. They have now released four albums and have developed rapidly since their gig at Wacken 2012.

At the Nachtleben, Winterstorm showed what they’re made of. The band exuberantly combined a wide variety of styles, including melodic refrains with folk metal and elements of power metal. Singer Alexander Schirmer gave everything on stage and motivated the audience to clap and sing along. At times, guitarist Michael Liewald and bassist Peter Cerveny leaned against each other, closed their eyes and played their instruments together.

Many in the audience didn’t seem to know the support act that had been announced at the last minute, but after the first few songs everyone was celebrating. The audience had fun rocking along to songs like Cube of Infinity or Remember. The hall and the guests present were heated up for the headliner of the evening, Ad Infinitum.

Ad Infinitum

The symphonic metal band Ad Infinitum, from the Latin “to infinity”, with singer Melissa Bonny from Switzerland has already released two successful albums and has numerous fans.

The Nachtleben was now filled to the last corner. The audience could hardly wait for the conversion break. A large part of the crowd consisted of die-hard fans and wore t-shirts of the band. The performance started with a mystical intro, followed by the well-known title, namely Reinvented. The audience cheered and freaked out as each band member took the stage one after the other. Ad Infinitum convinced in the Nachtleben with melodic metal sounds and a mixture of soft, catchy refrains and hard growls and screams. Mellissa Bonny sang with a lot of emotion and took over the entire stage with her voice and presence, giving her songs an unmistakably deep and stirring atmosphere. This was underlined by rising fog on the stage. Big spotlights behind the band made for an epic light show.

Guitarist Adrian Theßenvitz stood by Mellissa’s side during the performance and kept motivating the audience to sing and rock along. Drummer Niklas Müller obviously gave his all. You could see how happy he was to finally be able to play in front of an audience. Bassist Korbinian Benedict headbanged while showing off his bass skills. We had a lot of fun being able to experience the most popular songs from the two albums live. Our personal highlights were Reinvented and Marching on Versailles. At the end, all band members bowed and were greeted with thunderous applause and calls for encores from the audience. It was a really successful and thrilling performance.

We had a really great time at the concert and unfortunately the evening went by way too fast. At 11:00 p.m. the last song was played. The members of Ad Infinitum and Winterstorm took some photos with their fans.

We are already looking forward to many more performances.

Setlist Winterstorm:

  1. Pacts of Blood and Might
  2. Windkeepers
  3. Remember
  4. Timeshift
  5. Cube of Infinity
  6. Into the Light
  7. Dragonriders

Setlist Ad Infinitum:

  1. Intro & Reinvented
  2. Unstoppable
  3. Live Before You Die
  4. Haunted
  5. Your Enemy <3
  6. Maleficent
  7. See You In Hell
  8. Marching On Versailles
  9. Afterlife
  10. Inferno
  11. Into The Night
  12. Demons
  13. Son of Wallachia
  14. Lullaby
  15. I Am The Storm
  16. Animals

Co-Author of this report is Markus Beck of the Webzine Dark Art, which I also work for.

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